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2014 UUP resolution in favor of UBF transparency


Our ongoing UB AAUP advocacy chapter work in support of UBF transparency builds on previous efforts of the major representatives of UB faculty, both the Senate and the Buffalo Center chapter of the faculty /staff union, the UUP.  (Note that the UB AAUP is a separate faculty advocacy organization, affiliated with the national AAUP, not to be confused with the UUP union, although these entities have worked together from time to time).   As posted below, a Faculty Senate resolution seeking that the UB administration provide faculty access to UBF budget information passed by that body in 2014 after discussion in two Senate meetings. In addition, the local UUP chapter (Buffalo Center) passed a similar resolution in 2014.  A report on this union resolution from the UB Spectrum is available here and excerpted below:  http://www.ubspectrum.com/article/2014/04/ubs-union-approves-resolution-to-make-ub-foundation-more-transparent

The Buffalo Center Chapter of the United University Professions (UUP), UB’s union representing academic and professional employees, came to a resolution last Friday requesting the UB Foundation (UBF) be more transparent in and accountable for its financial decisions.

“UBF is a non-profit, private organization that handles the millions of dollars in donations UB receives annually. …

The resolution states: “Accountability and transparency in decisions regarding spending for public purposes by public officials is vital to maintaining public trust and excellence in public institutions such as the University at Buffalo. Be it resolved that the Buffalo Center Chapter of the UUP requests that University at Buffalo demonstrate its leadership in public accountability and transparency by making available records of budgets, revenue, spending, and related policies involving UB Foundation funds as if those records were subject to the proposed FOIL legislation.”


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