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Petition for UBF Transparency

Petition for UB Foundation Transparency  updated as of April 13, 2016

American Association of University Professors, UB chapter

The persons listed below have endorsed the petition associated with our document, “The Other Buffalo Billion: Time for Transparency at the UB Foundation,” affirming that “we, the undersigned members of the UB community, and other SUNY donors and owners, the citizens of New York State, urge the UB Foundation and UB leadership to establish transparency for University at Buffalo Foundation revenues, expenditures, and investments—past, present, and future—while maintaining reasonable confidentiality for private donors.”


  • For our webpage, go here.
  • For a docx copy of “The Other Buffalo Billion,” go here.
  • To add your name to the petition, send the following message to UBAAUP@gmail.com: “I join UB-AAUP in urging the UB Foundation and UB leadership to establish transparency for University at Buffalo Foundation revenues, expenditures, and investments—past, present, and future—while maintaining reasonable confidentiality for private donors. I understand that my signature will be public.”


We will periodically update the list of signatures.

  1. Ablow, Rachel: Associate Professor of English
  2. Atleson, James: Professor of Law, Emeritus
  3. Baker, Susan: Professor of Pediatrics
  4. Bélanger, Sylvie: Associate Professor of Art
  5. Benson, Michelle: Associate Professor of Political Science
  6. Bisson, Mary A.: Professor of Biological Sciences
  7. Bono, Barbara J.: Associate Professor of English
  8. Bramen, Carrie: Associate Professor of English
  9. Bromley, Hank: Professor in the Graduate School of Education, Emeritus
  10. Brown, Murray: Professor Emeritus of Economics
  11. Bruenn, Jeremy: Professor of Biological Sciences, Emeritus
  12. Bunn, James: Professor of English Emeritus; former Dean, Faculty of Arts and Letters
  13. Cahn, Susan: Professor of History
  14. Chang, Winston: Professor of Economics
  15. Cohen, Richard: Professor of Philosophy
  16. Dauber, Kenneth: Professor of English
  17. Dennis, Carl: Professor of English Emeritus, Artist in Residence, Pulitzer Prize Winner for Poetry
  18. Des Forges, Roger: Professor of History Emeritus
  19. Dewald, Jonathan: UB Distinguished Professor of History
  20. Durand, Henry: Clinical Associate Professor of Educational Leadership
  21. Edelman, Arthur M.: Associate Professor of Toxicology and Pharmacology
  22. Efron, Art: Professor of English Emeritus
  23. Ellison, John W.: Associate Professor of LIS Emeritus
  24. Fertig, David: Professor of Linguistics
  25. Fleischer, Stephan: Associate Professor of English Emeritus
  26. French, Rebecca: Professor of Law
  27. Gerber, David A.: Distinguished Professor of History Emeritus
  28. Gottdeiner, Mark: Professor of Sociology Emeritus.
  29. Grinde, Don: Professor of Transnational Studies
  30. Halpern, Stephen: C. Professor of Political Science
  31. Hawk, Larry: Professor of Psychology
  32. Henderson, Adele: Professor of Art
  33. Herzberg, David: Associate Professor of History
  34. Hildenbrand, Suzanne: Professor Library and Information Studies Emerita
  35. Hochfield, George: Professor of English Emeritus; former Chair, Faculty Senate.
  36. Hoffman, Steve G.: Assistant Professor of Sociology
  37. Holmes, James M.: Professor of Economics
  38. Holstun, Jim: Professor of English
  39. Hwang, Joyce: Associate Professor of Architecture
  40. Iggers, Georg: SUNY Distinguished Professor of History Emeritus
  41. Johnson, David E.: Professor of Comparative Literature
  42. Katz, Jonathan: Associate Professor and Interim Chair of Art
  43. Keane, Damien: Associate Professor of English
  44. Korsmeyer, Carolyn: Professor of Philosophy
  45. Kristal, Mark B.: Professor of Psychology Emeritus
  46. Levine, Murray: Distinguished Service Professor of Psychology Emeritus
  47. Linder, Joan: Associate Professor of Art
  48. Luce, Paul A.: Professor of Psychology
  49. Lyon, Arabella: Professor of English
  50. Mack, Ruth: Associate Professor of English
  51. Mangold, Susan: Professor of Law, Emerita
  52. Marcus, Isabel: Professor of Law
  53. Masling, Joe: Professor Emeritus of Psychology
  54. Massey, Irving: Professor of English Emeritus
  55. Mather, Lynn: SUNY Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Political Science Emerita
  56. McCluskey, Martha: Professor of Law
  57. McDevitt, Patrick: Associate Professor of History
  58. Meier, Scott: Professor of Counseling, School, and Educational Psychology
  59. Meyerowitz, Ruth: Associate Professor of American Studies Emerita
  60. Milles, Jim: Professor of Law
  61. Mohan, Satish Associate Professor of Civil Engineering
  62. Morgan, Peter B.: Professor of Economics
  63. Murray, Sandra L.: Professor of Psychology
  64. Nightingale, Carl: Professor of Transnational Studies
  65. Nikolopoulou, Kalliopi: Associate Professor of Comparative Literature
  66. O’Brien, Michael R.: Clinical Instructor of Medicine, 2010-2014; now Clinical Instructor of Medicine, Yale School of Medicine
  67. Park, Lora: Instructor in Psychology
  68. Penniman, W. David: Professor Emeritus, Former Dean of UB School of Informatics
  69. Peterson, Lorna: Associate Professor Library and Information Studies Emerita
  70. Radford, Gail: Professor of History
  71. Reitzenstein, Reinhard: Associate Professor of Art
  72. Ross, Gary Earl: UB/EEOC, Professor Emeritus
  73. Rothenberg, Stephanie: Associate Professor of Art
  74. Scheider, William: Assistant Research Professor Emeritus, Epidemiology and Environmental Health
  75. Schindler, Melissa: Adjunct faculty and Ph.D. candidate in English
  76. Schmid, David: Associate Professor of English
  77. Schmitz, Neil: Professor of English Emeritus
  78. Seeman, Erik R.: Professor of History
  79. Seery, Mark: Associate Professor of Psychology
  80. Shucard, David: Professor of Neurology, Pediatrics, and Psychology
  81. Shucard, Janet: Associate Professor of Clinical Neurology
  82. Silverman, Robert: Professor of Urban and Regional Planning
  83. Slaughter, Malcolm: Professor of Physiology and Biophysics
  84. Soergel, Dagobert: Professor of Library and Information Studies
  85. Steinfeld, Robert: Professor of Law
  86. Stevens, Philip: Associate Professor of Anthropology
  87. Taussig-Rubbo, Mateo: Professor of Law
  88. Taylor, Henry: Professor, Center for Urban Studies
  89. Thornton, Tamara: Professor of History
  90. Tomkins, Suzanne: Clinical Professor of Law, Emerita
  91. Udin, Susan: Professor of Physiology
  92. Vanouse, Paul: Professor of Art
  93. Vardi, Liana: Professor of History
  94. Vargas, Margarita: Professor of Romance Languages
  95. Watrous, Livingston V.: Professor of Art
  96. Welch, Claude: SUNY Distinguished Service Professor of Political Science
  97. Wolcott, Victoria: Professor of History
  98. Wolf, Howard: Professor of English Emeritus
  99. Wu, Cynthia: Associate Professor of Transnational Studies
  100. Zagare, Frank C.: UB Distinguished Professor of Political Science
  101. Zarembka, Paul: Professor of Economics
  102. Garite, Matthew: Ph.D. in English
  103. Geer, Judy: MLS
  104. Harlow, Dennis: UB Law; Attorney, Lipsitz Ponterio
  105. Hogan, Sarah: Ph.D. in English, Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University
  106. Morrison, Irene: M.A. in English
  107. Lipsitz, John: UB Law; Founding Attorney, Lipsitz Ponterio
  108. Devinney, Gemma: Associate Librarian Emerita
  109. Dickson, Jean: Associate Librarian Emerita
  110. Finnegan, Shonnie: Librarian Emerita
  111. Bard, Jessica: NYS Citizen
  112. Bertland, Alexander: NYS Citizen, Professor at Niagara University
  113. Delaney, Michael: NYS Citizen, ECC faculty
  114. Giacalone, Art: NYS Citizen, Attorney
  115. Hemphill-Nichols, Veronica: NYS Citizen, Community Activist
  116. Liu, Lydia: NYS Citizen, Student at UC Berkeley
  117. Peterson, Sybil: NYS Citizen, Buffalo public school teacher, retired
  118. Tinker, Joanna: NYS Citizen
  119. Welch, Jon: NYS Citizen, Manager, Talking Leaves Bookstore
  120. Zanolli, Paul: NYS Citizen, Professor at ECC
  121. Donovan, Patricia: Office of University Communications, retired
  122. McCarthy, Timothy: NYS Citizen, Technical Services Librarian
  123. Acquario, Stephanie: NYS Citizen, Undergraduate, Communication
  124. Bard, Nicole: Undergraduate, Communication
  125. Cardon, Allison: Ph.D. candidate in English
  126. Dwyer, Vanessa: J. Undergraduate, Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
  127. Eager, Colin: Ph.D. candidate in History
  128. Ebbing, Melissa: Undergraduate, Biological Sciences
  129. Ege, Elif: Ph.D. candidate in Transnational Studies
  130. Flaccavento, Joshua: Ph.D. candidate in English
  131. Goffeney, Martin: Ph.D. candidate in English
  132. Gould, Declan: Ph.D. candidate in English
  133. Greer, Amy: Ph.D. candidate in English
  134. Grujic, Ana: Ph.D. candidate in English
  135. Hall, Joseph: Ph.D. candidate in English
  136. Hawkins, Cynthia: Ph.D. candidate in Transnational Studies
  137. Hossenlopp, Andrew: Undergraduate, Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
  138. Martin, Craig: Undergraduate, School of Management
  139. Poulin, Adam R.: Undergraduate, Psychology
  140. Purdy, Nicole M.: Undergraduate, Accounting
  141. Rinaldo, Lenore: Undergraduate, Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
  142. Tatar, Doruk: Ph.D. candidate in Comparative Literature
  143. Young, Alexander: Undergraduate, Environmental Engineering